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Apply for Fashion Designing/Interior Designing Management Courses(3 years/2years) and get upto 50% fees scholarship. Hurry up apply now and start with scholarship test. We will provide you with full details on call.

Fashion Designing Institute in Kolkata & Interior Designing Institute in Kolkata

Guaranteed 1 year paid Internship with stipend starting ₹ 15,000 for fashion/interior management students.

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with (Graphics / Interaction / Animation-VFX)

3 Years Professional Course

Glimpse of NDBC INDIA a Fashion Designer Business Club

an initiative by INIFT 

( Our Students get free membership worth INR 25,000/-)


Fashion Designing 

Interior Designing 


(Professional/ Degree Courses )

We offer different specialization of fashion designing courses at INIFT. The 3 years course comes with 1 year full paid internship.

Fashion Design and Management Studies

Duration- 3 Years

Fashion Design and Fashion Communication

Duration- 3 Years

Fashion Design and Fashion Business

Duration- 3 Years

Fashion Design and Fashion Styling

Duration- 3 Years

Fashion Design and Fashion Management

Duration- 2 Years


(Professional/ Degree Courses )

We offer different specialization of interior designing courses at INIFT the best interior designing institute in kolkata. The 3 years course comes with 1 year full paid internship.

Interior Design and Management Studies

Duration- 3 Years

Interior Design and Draftmanship

Duration- 3 Years

Interior Design and Interior Business

Duration- 3 Years

Interior Design and Interior Management

Duration- 2 Years




Apply today and get an opportunity to get up to 50% scholarship.

The scholarship test is live


Inift is a leading brand name in fashion & interior institutes in Kolkata

1 year PAID internship

Inift, is the only fashion institute in kolkata offering 1-year paid internship in all the courses with weekly workshops and regular fashion/interior shows.

100% placement and business setup assistance

Inift provides 100% placement assistance to its students and full support in setting up business to it's management students

Course Eligibility

Professional / Degree Courses
(Duration - 3 Years)
Applicant must have completed 12th from recognized board or equivalent
Advance Professional/ Masters  Courses
(Duration - 2 Years)
Applicant must have completed graduation/diploma in fashion or interior design or its equivalent from any recognized institution

What our students say

Education Books Bookshelves
Denim Jacket
Female Model
Fashion Model
Model in Red
Blond Girls
Street Fashion

Madhumita, Fashion Student

Enrolling at INIFT was the best decision of my career. There is so much to learn and experience in this industry, that we often and ourselves juggling between events, interacting with designers and getting mentored by indusrty leaders. Fashion Designing at INIFT is so much fun learning beyond textbooks.

Nishika, Interior Student

At INIFT is realized that interior is not just about painting walls and having fancy showpieces. It has to capture the spirit of the owner. That’s what will make it a home,. I am sure the knowledge I am getting at INIFT will help me achieve my dreams

Ankita, Modeling Student

Thankfull for everything to INIFT Modeling at INIFT has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I was starting to lose direction on how I would pursue my modeling  career. No matter what happened,It just feels natural to me when I’m performing, like everything fits. First day of class came along and I immediately knew this was the opportunity for me to grow and gain the experience I needed


Check  Out  this video

Video on Top fashion designing and interior designing institute in kolkata,


Founded by Samarendra K.Jha, the leader of the fashion and interior industry in Kolkata from the last 20 years and also the co-founder of GIFT Kolkata's oldest fashion and interior design institute, INIFT a top level fashion designing and interior designing istitute in kolkata is committed towards excellence. It is the only institute to provide a 1-year internship with so many specialization courses in the field of fashion and interior design. Located in New Town, Rajarhatt makes the institute placed in one of the best areas of Kolkata and India.

We not only teach our students designing but create a learning environment. Know more here

With Us Dream Your career in

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INIFT has been emerging as the Kolkata's best fashion designing institute. Due to the increasing rising demand of the professionals in the field, Our fashion designing institute in Kolkata offers the variety of educational programs in which the students learn the ways to express their own creativity and develop the personalized signature style as well.

Get industry specific training by joining INIFT the best fashion designing institute in Kolkata
The institute of fashion designing in Kolkata, INIFT was established with the aim to provide a place to the creative youth where they can express their imaginations. The academy since the days of its inauguration, is nurturing all the creative students who join the courses for getting the industry-specific training and professional skills. A highly integrated approach is being extended through the theoretical education and practical training sessions. The courses also equip the learner with an understanding of the current market trends as well as the potential strategies to actually sail through.

The students emerge as confident and talented fashion designers
The main task of our faculty members is to nurture the talent by providing access to the learning environment where possibilities are almost limitless. After gaining a highly immersive hand-on experience, the learners emerge as the extremely confident and creative professionals. The institute of fashion designing in Kolkata has already established an extremely unique and most exclusive connection with the industry by producing a new breed of talented professionals who have already made their mark. Owing to the marvelous learning environment, modern infrastructure and unique teaching methodology, the fashion designing institute in Kolkata has become a renowned name in the industry. By developing the most relevant and practical of course modules, the main focus is to make the students highly employable and successful in the career. Whether you aspire to launch your own brand, or want to work behind the scenes itself, the array of courses we offer suits all sorts of career paths.

Our fashion designing programs are designed for curious and imaginative minds. 
The fashion designing course in Kolkata is being designed for the highly curious and imaginative learners. It provides the students with a clear idea of how dynamic the entire fashion world is. The course focuses on ever transforming trends and inspires learners to become highly imaginative with an analytical mindset. The entire curriculum imparts enough practical exposure with highly robust knowledge. This prepares them well for taking up a successful career ahead. During the course sessions, students also get a chance to analyze the latest fashion trends and learn about the foundational principles of business and merchandizing

WHY Interior Designing at INIFT Kolkata

Our interior designing institute in kolkata teaches the learners to tackle the space well, decorate, plan and also manage all material specifications within the budgetary limits. We are recognized as best interior designing institute in Kolkata
Our award-winning and best interior design institute in Kolkata offers the students with the most seamless, dynamic, industry-specific and at the same time most relevant of interior designing courses. Our interior designing course is for 3 years and 2 years with many specializations in it.


The main goal of our Interior designer institute in Kolkata is to generate the professionals that are able to apply the appropriate knowledge and skills in interpreting and also the completion of projects. Our specialized courses have been designed in such a way that it equips the participants with technical knowledge, skills and a thorough understanding of construction spaces so that they are able to transform the way we live and work.

Our program in interior designing institute in kolkata enhances the capability and aptitude of learners
At our interior design institute, our faculty members not just teach the interior designing to the students but also encourage and nurture a sense of flair as well as creativity. The learners are also made aware of all the technical and practical skills that are quite crucial for translating their creative design ideas into reality. Today the fashion industry needs young and dynamic individuals who have the most creative vision. Keeping this in mind, our academy develops the educational programs where the aspirants learn to express the creativity and talents.

The interior designing institute in Kolkata is a perfect destination for you
Our best interior designing institute in Kolkata has not only transformed the way designing courses are being taught in India but also changed the perception of the whole world towards the country with respect to the designing capabilities. Are you creative, passionate and have a flair for fashion and design? If yes then our design academy is the perfect destination for you to per sue all the dreams. Get ready to experience this transformation in you with the evolution of your thoughts and opinions while gaining knowledge and skills in the field.



+91 62890 27399

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                                         INIFT Best Interior Designing Institute

P.S. Qubes Building, Unit 411, Action Area IID Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal- 7000157


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