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About the Online Interior Design Course

A house becomes a home with your skilled touch and creative vision. Our Interior Design Courses give you all of the training and skills you need to create beautiful and comfortable homes.


What do I receive?

You will have the skills and knowledge required to start a full or part time career, a profitable sideline or you can use our course to fulfil an exciting new hobby. On successful completion of the Australian Accredited Diploma Course you will be awarded an Australian Accredited Diploma in Interior Design (MSF50218), and graduate as a professional Interior Designer.

Course Curriculam

Level 1 - Introduction

  • Design theory
  • Design Practice
  • Technical drawing
  • Research Strategies and Design Process

Level 2 - Technology Learning

  • Freehand drawing and Geometric construction
  • Construction technology
  • Design technology
  • Materials and finishes

Level 3 - Principles & Tools for Interior Designing

  • Principles of Interior designing
  • Colour theory and techniques
  • Art and graphics in interior designing
  • Computer applications

Level 4 - Inudstrywise Designing

  • Material purchase
  • Interior construction
  • Furniture and furnishing designing
  • Interior construction

Level 5 - Prototyping & Photography

  • Model making
  • Portfolio designing
  • Basic photography
  • Estimation of cost

Level 6 - Neccessary Soft Skills

  • Product semantics
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Communication skills

INIFT-Interior Design Institute

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The Interior Design Institute offers you the most advanced and comprehensive online solution to learning available today. We offer the most thorough home study courses in Interior Design using the very latest online learning techniques. Our commitment to providing the highest quality training program has resulted in unique teaching and student support systems, which produce unparalleled results

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testimonial of a student in INIFT for fashion designing course in kolkata

Madhumita, Fashion Student

Enrolling at INIFT was the best decision of my career. There is so much to learn and experience in this industry, that we often and ourselves juggling between events, interacting with designers and getting mentored by indusrty leaders. Fashion Designing at INIFT is so much fun learning beyond textbooks.

testimonial of a student in INIFT for interior designing course in kolkata


At INIFT is realized that interior is not just about painting walls and having fancy showpieces. It has to capture the spirit of the owner. That’s what will make it a home,. I am sure the knowledge I am getting at INIFT will help me achieve my dreams



Thankfull for everything to INIFT Modeling at INIFT has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I was starting to lose direction on how I would pursue my modeling  career. No matter what happened,It just feels natural to me when I’m performing, like everything fits. First day of class came along and I immediately knew this was the opportunity for me to grow and gain the experience I needed

Frequently asked questions

1. Why should I choose an online fashion designing course from INIFT

INIFT- International Institute D Fashion Technology is the fashion design institute in kolkata and best interior design institute in kolkata. Join its fashion design courses and interior design courses of 3 & 2 years course with 7+ specialization and 100% placement assistance and 1 year paid internship.

2. What is NDBC

The NDBC is NATIONAL DESIGNER BUSINESS CLUB. The vision of NDBC is to reach to designers of various categories, entrepreneurs, industry experts, students, models & celebrities, educators and fashion enthusiast across the nation and connect them with main stream of the fashion & design business and develop nationwide recognition as a brand of cooperation and trust where designers and buyers meet together and establish a business prospect collectively.

3. How will this joint certificate course from NDBC and INIFT will help me

This joint certificate is coming from 2 very reputed organization/institution of India. Haveing the certificate will qualify that you possess the skills and knowledge to work as a Fashion designer or will act as diploma certificate for advance courses in fashion designing.

4. What is the course duration

The duration of online fashion design certification course offered by INIFT is 12 Week.

5. What are the specialization available with the online course

1.Fashion Design and Management Studies 2.Fashion Designing and Fashion Business 3.Fashion Design And Communication 4.Fashion Design And Management 5.Fashion Design and Styling Course

6. Is there any money back guarantee

Yes there is a 30 days money back guarantee. By whatsoever reason you do not like our course or wish to discontinue you can do it within 30 days of enrollment.

7. Can I go for advance certificate course after taking this online course

Yes you can go for advanced professional fashion designing program pursued by Master level students from INIFT or any other institution.

8. Will I get a job after this online fashion designing course

This course will help you earn and learn the skills needed not only for getting a good fashion designing job but also working as fashion consultant and managing a Fashion designing business.


Table Of Contents:

  • Introduction

  • Need of pursuing  Interior Designing Course Online

  • Job Opportunities after completion of Interior Designing Course

  • Salary

  • Other Benefits of enrolling for Interior Designing Course

interior designing course online in kolkata


Interior Designing is an artistic career with innovative ideas to create the interiors of a particular place functional and beautiful at the same time. The role of an Interior Designer is to plan the proper use of a particular place along with the construction and execution of the interiors as per designed.

There are seven various elements of designing which are as follows:

  • Space

  • Line

  • Form

  • Light

  • Colour

  • Texture

  • Pattern

INIFT brings the online interior design course in Kolkata keeping in mind the importance of upskilling in the competitive world during these difficult times.


There are multiple courses for individuals who want to pursue  Interior Designing as their career. To pursue Interior Designing as a career the foremost thing that is surely required is to have a creative imagination and the ability to execute the same on a practical level.

Though this pandemic of Covid-19 has restricted us to stay at our homes, there is an excellent opportunity  for beginners who don’t want to hamper their careers due to this pandemic of Covid-19.

We have online interior design course available  for young students  who have equal interests in the field of Interior Designing so that they can gain the knowledge regarding the same by being at their homes in a safe environment and by properly investing their time in their career.

Interior Designing is a creative profession where a particular place is converted into such a way that is best suitable and gives the proper use of it.

become an expert in interior designing


practical training with interior design

There are a lot of career options after the completion of Interior Designing Course as there is no dearth of jobs in this field. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • Interior and Spatial Designer: Visualizing and sketch plans for Interior spaces along with the brainstorming of conceptual ideas and creativity.

  • Exhibition Designer: Creating and displaying stand for events such as libraries and art galleries.

  • Lighting Designer : Responsibility of designing and installation with lighting and exciting electrical  effects added on to it.

  • Production Designer: Person responsible for the style designing of different locations and assisting the Director and Producer with camera adjustments and lighting.

So, overall Interior Designer is a lucrative and rewarding profession for creative students  who are interactive and social.


The amount of money a Designer makes after Interior design course online is decent which gets upgraded with experience and can prove to be a highly payable profession.

A fresher gets an average salary ranging from 25K to 35K.This amount surely increases with time, hard work and experience.


Interior Designing can prove to be an rewarding career for creative people as there are many perks and advantages as follows:

  • Demand of the profession

  • Flexibility of time

  • Financial  rewards based on the work

  • Most affordable career


Online interior design course with certificate in India is a high demand profession & a great choice for students looking to make their career in creative fields.

benefits of online design course

INIT also provide classroom classes for the students looking for offline training.